How You Know You Have Found the Right Boy Online

Online dating can contain a promise of heaven, bliss, hell and earth rolled into one. But intuition can tell you if you found the right boy for you. They will not be pulling crazy stunts on you and they will always be there. Below are a few pointers Asian Dating that might help you in identifying if your match is made in heaven;

  • Allover You: He does not have time to chat with other people. He will be constantly available on email and social media anytime of the day or night to listen to you and chat to you. He will be dying to pay attention to you at al times.
  • Same Wavelength: You will find you are both on the same wavelength, speaking the same language, offering same suggestions at the same exact time i.e. when to go for movie date or dance lessons.
  • Modesty: He is modest and does not harass you over sending nude pics or entirely obsessed with seeing you in different poses. He would be modest and prefer to meet the real you as opposed to the virtual you.
  • No Rush: He will not rush you to meet him. Do not take that as lack of interest. Some guys prefer to sell themselves to you rather that trying to compliment your looks as a way of getting you to like them and fall. He likes it naturally coming together.
  • Cut-Back Activity: If after you have dated awhile and met, he should cut back on his online activities and update his profile to reflect his current status with you. This show his confidence in and commitment to you that he is no more available the dating scene.

In Summary

If you are for serious commitment, the above blinking amber light will turn green in no time.


Many stories abound of successful relationships that develop online. Just pay attention to the details of yours.