Improve your dating by 200 percent

Many people, especially in big cities like London, feel lonely and aren’t happy with their dating life. If you are one of these people here are some tips that will help you improve your dating life by 200 percent.

Practice datingImprove your dating by 200 percent

If you aren’t confident in you dating skills, you might want to practice with some attractive models from Dolls and Roses. You can hire these girls to spend a dinner date with you and while being with them you can get used to talking to attractive girls. This will prepare you for the date with a real girl that is not paid to like you.

Start online dating

If you’ve been out of the game for a long time you might want to start slowly, and when you say slowly the first thing that comes into my mind is internet dating. The benefits of this are that you can pick a girl that you like, send her a message and if you like her then you can go out with her. There’s no awkward moment from meeting her, because when you meet her you already know a great deal about her.

Install Tinder to your phone

If you don’t like filling up a long dating profile on dating websites, you can just download an app like Tinder or hot or not and date in no time. This is even easier than regular dating, as you just upload your pictures and if you are attracted to the potential partner you swept right and if not you swipe on your phone to the left. This is a very fast and effective way how to get yourself a date.

Go out and approach

The most straight forward way how to start dating is to go out and approach girls that you find attractive and see if there’s a chemistry between you two. This way has been around forever and is just up to you to go out and have some fun with it.