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Improve your dating by 200 percent

Improve your dating by 200 percent

Many people, especially in big cities like London, feel lonely and aren’t happy with their dating life. If you are one of these people here are some tips that will help you improve your dating life by 200 percent.

Practice datingImprove your dating by 200 percent

If you aren’t confident in you dating skills, you might want to practice with some attractive models from Dolls and Roses. You can hire these girls to spend a dinner date with you and while being with them you can get used to talking to attractive girls. This will prepare you for the date with a real girl that is not paid to like you.

Start online dating

If you’ve been out of the game for a long time you might want to start slowly, and when you say slowly the first thing that comes into my mind is internet dating. The benefits of this are that you can pick a girl that you like, send her a message and if you like her then you can go out with her. There’s no awkward moment from meeting her, because when you meet her you already know a great deal about her.

Install Tinder to your phone

If you don’t like filling up a long dating profile on dating websites, you can just download an app like Tinder or hot or not and date in no time. This is even easier than regular dating, as you just upload your pictures and if you are attracted to the potential partner you swept right and if not you swipe on your phone to the left. This is a very fast and effective way how to get yourself a date.

Go out and approach

The most straight forward way how to start dating is to go out and approach girls that you find attractive and see if there’s a chemistry between you two. This way has been around forever and is just up to you to go out and have some fun with it.

Improve your profile and get more results from online dating

Online dating is easy for women, so in this article, we will focus on helping especially guys, however, some of these tips can be implemented by a woman as well. In online dating, it is crucial to have a good profile with great images. The images are what get the other person interested or disinterested in you, that’s why you have to pay extra attention to them.

Here are some tips on how to get great images to your dating profile.

–    Hire a professional photographer

I cannot stress this enough. If you want to impress your potential partner you need to be able to get their attention, and you won’t be able to do that with regular pictures from your phone as every other guy does that. If you are based in London, I would recommend you great lifestyle photographer Nunzio Prenna who knows exactly how to capture interesting pictures of you. In these pictures, you will look your best and every girl will wonder “who’s this guy”.

–    What pictures to put?

So you hired a professional photographer who’s going to do all the pictures of you great, here are some advice on what pictures you should actually put on your dating profile.

  1. Full body picture of you in casual clothes.

    This is important as it shows the girl that you are a cool guy with great fashion. You definitely have to have a full body picture, like this, the girl will know what is your body like.

  1. Pictures with friends

    This is essential as this picture will convey that you are a cool guy who goes out with friends and knows how to have fun.

It is important to remember that all these pictures have to look as natural as possible, even though they might be staged, but if you hire a professional lifestyle photographer, that’s exactly how the pictures are going to look.


Follow these tips and your online dating will be great.


How to Bollywood music can you hook the date?

Bollywood music is very well known for it’s romantic tunes and dating. As a dating website we thought we will tell how to about use Bollywood music to hook the date. This is something Fernando has done many times, when he used to have date at this place. As online marker and Founder of OM HQ  he’s been researching everything that dating people can benefit from in the modern day living.

Sp how can Bollywood music help you succeeding hooking up effectively during your date?

Basically put some romantic tunes when you date is at home and then, start rhyming for the tunes. Do direct eye content at your target (Hook) smiles a lot, and after couple of tunes invite the prospect to dance with you, It’s great if you are living by yourself in your apartment. So the prospects buyer temperature can be triggered to it’s optimal levels. If you do not how how to dance for Bollywood music, you should learn some moves by taking bollywood dance classes. So that you know how to dance and hook up with your girl or boy in style.

How to Make a Successful Blind Date

Blind dates can be stressful sometimes, or most of the times. Just keep in mind this is a stranger you are meeting for the first time. So it is advisable you meet in an open and public place, though not too crowded your conversation is drowned.


Mind your looks, as first impressions are last impressions. So you should dress to impress.


Talk about generalities. You do not know who this person really is. So desist from revealing too much information about yourself or family. Just be modest and liberal with the facts about you. Also steer clear of past relationships. Don’t forget you are here to try to explore a blind date that that might open new romantic frontiers. You aren’t here to meet Dr. Phil and weep over past heartbreaks.

Keep Focus

Don’t gawk or stutter awkward half-statements. Don’t spill mushroom soup on his lap, or mince her fingers between the lobster-cracker. Ask basic questions, yeah it is ok to talk about the weather too. You might come-off as interrogating if you ask way too pointed questions.

Don’t brag too much and end up revealing your weakness for and lack of control after a few brown bottles. Remember, out of this could develop a relationship. You don’t want to spoil it on the first date by spilling family secrets while under the influence.


Be a gentleman, be a lady. Don’t use crass language, or rush things to give an impression of loose morals. It is a first date, not a one night stand.

In Summary

Be gracious, thankful and offer to split the bill. If you are eager to meet each other again, lingering signs will show, like a long hug; don’t try to kiss, bad etiquette. If the date is successful, the lady might offer her number for repeat performance. Don’t be shy to ask.

How to Get Prepared for Your First Date

Preparing for a first date can be a daunting task. Good grooming is important. You should clean properly, thoroughly brush and floss your teeth. Wear your best cologne but do not daub it too strongly. Some people are sensitive to strong overpowering smell.

Be You

Do not try to be someone you are not, like rehearse wearing a favorite actor’s or alter-ego personality. Just be yourself. This is the personality you are most comfortable with. Doing the opposite will bring you out as stilted and your conversation might sound scripted to woo.


Piece together a couple of interactive stories that will keep the conversation going, and use mild language. Do not be crass, or come across as a dominant. Stories keep your partner interested, glued and time will seem to fly.


Exercising will do you some good; it will bring the spring to your feet and a feel-good feeling that is important if you want to make a first ‘glad-to-see-you” impression. Exercising also improves your confident, posture and gait, making everyone turn and gape when you waltz into a room.

Look Mushy

Apply your make up liberally but do not overdo it. You don’t want him distracted from the main point that it is a first date and not a prelude to Moulin-rouge party.

Grab a Snack

It is good to eat something light, a glass of fruit juice or grab a snack before going for your date. Low sugar level and dehydration can affect your concentration level in a conversation. Don’t over eat; there is nothing as distracting as a rumbling or runny stomach.

In Summary

It helps to put thought when preparing for your first date. Adhere to the above tips and nothing will go wrong.


A first date can set the tone and pace for a failed or successful relationship. It pays to be prepared.

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